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Watching The Jokes to Learn Chinese 1 (DVD+MP3+MP4+BOOK)

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    The new series of the teaching programs ?€?To Learn Chinese by Watching Our Programs of the Jokes?€?. Our programs can teach you to learn Chinese easily in a recreational way by bringing the jokes into Chinese learning. We have adopted the fast and convenient teaching mode instead of the traditional and dull teaching mode in our programs with its vivid scenic pictures, interesting stories, dubbed in Chinese and English subtitles. Our programs create a relaxed language learning environment which can arouse your interest in Chinese while laughing by watching our programs. Content:1. The Best Animal 2. Awful Affair 3. Sign on the Expressway 4. Beat Around the Bush 5. Before or After Dinner 6. Help 7. What is Laziness 8. The Power of the Toilet Bout 9. Well Done 10. An Escaped Kangaroo

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