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Video-2-PC DIY Video Capture Kit for Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista & XP

Product Features

  • Works with any Windows PC less than six years old. Works with laptops, desktops & towers. Works with Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista & XP. Supports 32 bit & 64 bit OS. (not for Mac)
  • Includes clear instructions & a video tutorial you can watch as often as you need. Return item for a full refund if you're not 100% delighted
  • Capture video from any VHS, S-VHS or Betamax VCR with phono outputs (yellow, red & white). Includes software to capture, timeline edit, produce MP4 video files or burn to DVD
  • Our kit connects the USB port on your PC to the RCA phono outputs on your VCR or RCA phono outputs on your camcorder
  • Capture video from any VHS-C, Hi8, Video8, Digital8 or Mini-DV camcorder at 720x480 NTSC DVD resolution
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Product Description

Video-2-PC Kit. Suitable for use by beginners & experts. Capture video from almost any camcorder or VCR: VHS-C, Video8, Hi8, Digital8 and Mini DV camcorders via RCA phono outputs (typically yellow, red & white OR yellow & black) & VHS, Betamax or S-VHS VCR recorders via RCA phono ouputs. Can also capture from newer set-top boxes with a RCA phono outputs. Kit includes: * USB video capture device (with latest chipset) * One metre RCA phono lead * Scart-out adapter for VCRs. Included software lets you Capture, Timeline Edit (cut out any footage you don’t want, add titles, add scene transitions, add music background soundtrack), & finally Produce to MP4 video file or Burn to DVD. Includes DVD & printed instructions for Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista & XP. Also includes a 25 minute video tutorial on the DVD, which you can watch as often as you need – then just copy what we do. Comes with UK telephone & email support. Works with any PC less than 6 years old. (Just to be crystal clear: You are buying a kit that links the PC you already own to the VCR or Camcorder you already own. PC should be less than 6 years old. Video-2-PC kit is supplied in a plain white box.) Some expert features: Capture to uncompressed YUY422, direct to H.264, remove camcorder shake & resync audio (where the original sync is out) Minimum specification PC required is 2GHz processor, 1GB RAM, 20GB free hard drive space, DVD writer and USB port. Capture happens in real-time, so it takes an hour to capture 60 minutes of video to your PC. DVD authoring stage takes another 60 minutes. Return item within 28 days of receipt for a full refund if you’re less than 100% delighted.

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