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Top-Fotos As M18 HMI Flicker-fr ee Par Light Daylight + 1800W and 1200W Ballast up to 1000Hz High Frequency For Video Movie Studio HD TV Camera

Product Features

  • As M18 HMI Flicker-fr ee
  • Daylight
  • Color temperature: 6000K
  • Bulb socket´╝Ü 1800W/SE, base G38
  • 1800W and 1200W Ballast 90~250V up to 1000Hz High Frequency
(as of 05/19/2022 05:20 UTC - Details)

Product Description

Model: 1800W HMI PAR daylight kit (compatible with Arri-M18), 90~250V worldwide use.

Package Include

1 x 1800W HMI PAR light head with 1.5m power cable
1 x Up to 1000Hz high frequency 1200W & 1800W electronic ballast (world-wide 90~250V, NO DMX function.)
1 x Set of 4 leaf barndoor
Light Head
source type:HMI – PAR
power:1200 & 1800 watts
color temperature:6000K
bulb socket / lampholder:1800W/SE, base G38
UV lens diameter:250mm
stand mounting:spigot 28mm (1-1/8″ receiver)
cable length:power cable 1.5m; extension cable 7m
protection class:IP23
material:aluminum alloy
light head weight:23.1 lbs. (10.5 kg)
light head dimensions (HxWxL):27.5 x 15.25 x 12.2″ (69.85 x 38.73 x 38.73 cm) Ballast
ballast type:electronic
ballast power:1200 & 1800 watts
dimmer:one-stop dimming range
supply voltage:90~250V, 50/60Hz L,N,PE
frequency mode:50Hz/ 75Hz/ 300~1000Hz
power factor:c > 0.98
lamp power:1200W/1800W (constant control)
current characteristic:square wave 75Hz
dimming range:100% ~ 50%
nominal lamp power starting:cold start and hot re-strike
typical light ripple:typ. <3%
power cord:1.5m
protection class:IP32
material:metal housing
ballast weight:17.7 lbs (8 kg)
ballast dimensions (H x W x L):6.1 x 7.9 x 13.2″ (15.5 x 20 x 33.5 cm)

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