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If you are in need of Film Cameras, Lighting, Grip and Electric Gear Rental and Crew Support

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Rocket Productions AZ

Sony – Arri – HMI – Kino Flo – Tungsten – LEDs
Strobes – Expendables – Dollies – Grip & Rigging
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 Production Support in Arizona and the Southwest USA

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Crews and Equipment

Grip Trucks, Lighting Equipment, Camera Support, Audio Gear and Crew assistance. We have the experience, the crew and the equipment to handle your next production in Arizona or the rest of the Southwest.


Over the past 40 years, no other company has had more experience shooting “On Location” throughout the Southwest than Rocket.

We provide Lighting, Grip and Electric services throughout the Southwest. We have many partnerships with other local technicians incase you have multiple shoots or large productions. We can coordinate the hiring of any type of local crew you need. Production assistans, Grips, Gaffers, Camera Operators, Audio Technicians, Talent and any other motion picture equipment you may need for your production.



Let our experience help you. Our team has been in the movie business for many years. We have worked on thousands of projects and can provide consulting on any number of topics. Let us help you hire the crew and rent the equipment and gear to get your production done right.

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