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Rycote 5cm / 1.97″ Super-Softie Standard Hole (19/22) Slip-on Windshield with 3D-Tex

Product Features

  • Compatibility: Microphones: AKG CK 1 451, AKG CK 1 460, AKG CK 61 C460 B, AKG CK 63 C460 B, AKG CK 91 SE300 B, AKG CK 92 SE300 B, AKG CK 93 SE300 B, Audio-Technica AT 4053a; AT 4053b, Audix SCX1C, DPA 4006, DPA 4011, DPA 2011c, Neumann KM 180, Neumann KM 180 Series, Neumann KM 184, Neumann KM 185, Oktava MC 012, RODE NT55, Schoeps CMC Series, Sennheiser ME 62 K6, Sennheiser ME 64 K6
  • Material: 3D-TexOpen Cell Foam
  • Microphone Slot Size: 5cm / 1.97"
  • Microphone Diameter: 19 - 22mm / 0.75 - 0.87"
New Price: $119.00
Old Price: $119.00
(as of 05/19/2022 05:10 UTC - Details)

Product Description

Super-Softie The Super-Softie features their new 3D-Tex material for best-in-class wind noise reduction with superior acoustic transparency.The Super-Softie is a completely new approach to the slip-on windshield. Unlike conventional slip-on fur windshields, the Super-Softie sports a unique aerodynamic shape with specially designed 3D-Tex material. This introduces a new level of wind performance reduction with unparalleled durability, ease of maintenance and long-term reliability. New design with superior performance The shape & structure of the Super-Softie improves upon standard slip-on windshield designs with an entirely new shape and structure. Superb wind attenuation performance along with improved attenuation with extreme low-frequencies and infrasonic frequencies protects captured audio where wind noise is at its greatest. Featuring 3D-Tex The Super-Softie windshield is designed with 3D-Tex, a specially designed new material for Rycote which combines enhanced acoustic transparency with outstanding attenuation of wind noise. With its open-cell foam design with no rigid internal chassis, it yields virtually no polar pattern distortion. Extremely robust, the Super-Softie will sustain excellent performance for years of dedicated use in challenging environments such as news-gathering. Ready to go.Wherever you need to be.Breaking news and sporting events rarely wait for inclement weather to pas

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