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Rycote 5.9″ / 15cm Super-softie (19/22), Premium Push-On Windshield with 3D-Tex Material

Product Features

  • Novel shape and 3D-Tex give greatly improved wind noise reduction compared to conventional "soft" windshields
  • A true cavity design, with superb performance at extreme low frequencies (where wind noise is worst)
  • A rough-service windshield, robust enough for the most challenging news-gathering situations
  • High immunity to rain-soaking and maintains excellent acoustic transparency in almost all situations
New Price: $129.00
Old Price: $129.00
(as of 09/29/2022 11:02 UTC - Details)

Product Description

The Rycote 5.9″ / 15cm Super-softie (19/22), Premium Push-On Windshield retains the excellent wind noise reduction of a conventional cavity windshield but allies it to a novel aerodynamic shape and surface structure and to a new material – 3D-Tex – which combines excellent acoustic transparency with superb attenuation of wind noise. It has no rigid internal structure, so causes virtually no polar pattern distortion and is extremely robust in challenging environments such as news-gathering. If it becomes rain-soaked it can be squeezed out and shaken dry very quickly; if it becomes coated with dust it can be rinsed quickly without affecting its performance. The shape & structure of the Super Softie allow it to reduce wind noise at extreme LF and infrasonic frequencies – where the greatest wind energy lies – more efficiently than previous designs.

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