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Professional Lavalier Microphone Clip-on Omnidirectional Condenser Mic for iPhone, iPad, MacBook and Android Smartphone

Product Features

  • EXCELLENT PERFORMANCE - Our microphones are made from advanced materials. NOISE REDUCTION, which lets your voice to be heard clearly and precise, NO Static and NO Garbled voices. Since it is an OMINDIRECTIONAL microphone, it will pick up sounds from any direction
  • EASY TO CARRY - Small size, extra-long cord, no sense of weight when you use it for a long time. No need for extra plugs and batteries. Comes with a black drawstring pouch and has a very effective lapel clip to secure it to clothing
  • SUITABLE OCCASION - Its PROFESSIONAL GRADE microphone is suitable for film, interviews,video conference, sound recording or bike rides. Could be great for recording yourself on the go
  • GREEN ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION - Ultra low radio transmission power,Its electromagnetic wave radiation only ordinary mobile phone 1/90,Avoid the damage to the body caused by long time in high frequency and high power radio wave environment
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - 1 Year Warranty. If you are not satisfied with lavalier microphone, we will have a Full 60 Days Money Back Guarantee, No questions asked!
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Product Description

The microphone is very lightweight, portable, flexible, and comfortable.
Our wind muff is made of high quality sponge.The effect of filtering noise is perfect.Good elasticity and air permeability,clean and easy to manage.
It provides clear and accurate voice recordings without the muffled sound.You can also move a further distance while recording and it will not destroy the quality of the recording.
It has a clip on the mic so that you’re able to clip it on to your shirt while moving,but don’t worry it will drop down,because the clip is tight.

*This microphone is the ideal microphone for almost all audio and video recording needs.And It is mainly compatible with iPhones,iPads and related products.

Weight: 1 oz
Polar pattern: Omnidirectional
Mic diameter:6.5*5.0 mm
Sensitivity:-30dB±2dB RL= 2.2 K VS=3.0 V
Frequency Range: 20-20KHz
Wire: 59″(1.5m)

Wind muff*2
Exquisite microphone bag*1

The installation location should be as close as possible to the mouth, usually placed on your lapels,ties and lanyards.For a long gown or other dress,should be placed in the position of the collar.Try to avoid placing the microphone at the bottom of the clothes or putting clothes or other objects that can touch or rub into the microphone.

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