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PROAIM Video Production 12-Foot Jib Arm with Jib Stand for cameras upto 20lbs

Product Features

  • 12-foot jib comes with its own camera mounting stand
  • Stand has 200 lbs. (90kg) of weight-bearing capacity; Jib has 20lb camera weight capacity
  • Jib arm has LCD Monitor Provision
  • Jib Weight: 17lbs; Stand Weight: 10lbs
  • Lightweight, compact, and sturdy; Quick set-up and breakdown design
(as of 05/19/2022 04:47 UTC - Details)

Product Description

This PROAIM 12-foot jib is one of Proaim’s mid-level jibs designed to work with cameras unto 20lbs in weight.

* Fully Ribbed Section Makes the Jib Stronger to bear the camera weight upto 20 lbs
* Adjustment Metal Wire System can bear the weight of dv/hdv heavy cameras without any bending problem This feature makes the PROAIM 12′ Jib Arm very stable.
* Tilting movements achieved with the controlling handle.
* Vertical Brake
* Double Arm Section for maximum stability and minimum wobble.
* Each jib comes complete with their own stand – very useful as no expensive sturdy tripod is needed!
* Stronger weight bar to easily achieve perfect balance
* Uses standard household style exercise weights. (1 inch hole)
* Fixed camera angle achieved while controlling handle is locked with a Pin.
* Breaks down into three easily transported sections
* Triangular boom for increased strength
* The LCD Monitor Provision on the Jib Arm
* Easily attached to the Jib Stand
* Length of Jib : 10.5′
* Height Range from ground level 11.8ft while tripod adjusted at height range of 5.5ft
* All aluminum construction
* Portable and very easy to carry
* Can be assembled by one person without any fuss in a matter of minutes
* Weight of Jib Itself : 17 lbs
* Weight of Jib Stand : 10 lbs


* Accommodates heavy duty Jibs
* Compact and sturdy
* Quick set-up and breakdown design
* Non-slip feet
* Scratch-Resistant Finish
* Portable-legs fold for transporting

Technical Info:
* Made of Black Anodized Aluminum
* base spread: 32″- 48″
* height adjustment: 44″-80″
* Completely collapsed height : 46″
* Safety Pin for Secure Pole
* Weight capacity of the stand is 200lb (90kg)

Package includes:
* Jib arm
* Jib stand

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