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Ocr TM Professional Audio Condenser Microphone Music Recording Equipment with Shock Mount/3-Pin XLR Mic Cable White

Product Features

  • Condenser microphone using precision electronic circuit to control the whole, good cardioid pickup output and high sensitivity, low noise, wide dynamic range, which is widely used in recording studios, radio, stage performances, film and television post-production works and other specialized applications
  • professional condenser microphone , which adopts the exacting complete electronic circuit and control and gold-plate
  • Shock Mount to reduces handling noise
  • High sensitivity and low self noise
  • suitable especially for studios, recording studios , broadcasting stations , stage performances and computer
(as of 05/18/2022 11:23 UTC - Details)

Product Description

360┬░Flexible gooseneck holder, convenient for use
Swivel mount for easy installation
Goose neck for precise positioning
Connectors: 3-pin Male XLR to 3-pin Female XLR
6.5mm OD Black Flexible PVC Jacket
Low-Loss Heavy Gauge Cable
Nickel-Plated Zinc-Alloy XLR Connectors
22 AWG Conductors
Low-Loss 95% Spiral-Wound Shield
1x Microphone
1x Shock Mount
1x Power Cord
1x Anti-wind foam cap
1x User Manual
1x8ft 3-Pin XLR Mic Audio Cable Male Female M/F

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