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Kinosun 230V PRO as M40 HMI Light System + 2.5/ 4K Electronic Ballast 2500W 4000W +Flycase

Product Features

  • Top clone version HMI lights as , compatible with original system, our clone light head works on ballast, and our ballast can drive light head. P.S: There're other cheaper clone versions in the market, which have similar look but performs quite differently or not stable/durable enough, and they're NOT compatible with system as ours do.
  • We provide top clone HMI fresnel and par lights with ballasts (200w/575w/1200w/2500w/4000w/6000w/12000w/18000w), please contact us for models haven't been listed online. Model: 2500W & 4000W HMI PAR daylight kit (compatible with M40), 220-250V, 50/60Hz/ flicker-free frequency mode, top clone version of M40 par light system, except for our ballast is NOT DMX functional, buyer please contact for extra cost if in need of DMX function or 1000Hz high frequency version kit.
  • Light Head: It's perfect clone of M40 HMI Lamphead (110/220VAC), which is a newly designed, more efficient lamphead built to work with optional power bulbs 2500W/4000W SE HMI (not included).
    As an open-face, lensless fixture, this light head combines the characteristics of a PAR and a Fresnel, creating diverging rays of light to produce a very crisp shadow, providing a wide usable field with beam angle 18 to 52¡ã.
  • Light Ballast:
    Our HMI ballasts provide the latest standards in ballast technology. Flicker free, low noise, high output, this ballast is ideal for most demanding. A rugged and compact design offers easy handling in the field. Safety circuits such as over-voltage, over-temperature and short-circuit protection gives safe and reliable operation dimming to 50% of full power.
  • Light Ballast:
    Active Line Filter (A.L.F.) and P.F.C assures consistent color output, despite dimming, or main voltage fluctuations. Universal voltage at a switch of a button and flicker free mode. Compatible with 2500W or 4000W PAR units.
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Product Description

Specifications :
Light Head
lamphead type:Compact HMI – Fresnel
power:2500W/ 4000W
color temperature:6000K
bulb socket / lamp base:metal halide 2500W/SE, 4000W/SE, G38
UV glass lens diameter:300 mm / 11.81”
barn door diameter:413 mm / 16.26”
filter Insertion diameter:400 mm / 15.75”
mounting:spigot 28mm
power cable length:1.5m
extension cable length:7m
product size:670 x 402 x 511 mm
product weight:19 kg
protection class:IP 23
Package Includes:
1 x M40-clone HMI PAR light head 2500w/4000w with 1.5m power cable
1 x 220~250V 2500W & 4000W electronic ballast ( frequency 50/ 60Hz / flicker-free, NO DMX function.)
1 x Set of 4 leaf barndoor
1 x Yoke bar with 28mm spigot
1 x 7m extension cable (ballast to light head)
1 x Hard plywood flycase for all content
NOTE: 1. Our light head and ballast are fully compatible with original M40 system, but our ballast doesn’t come with DMX function as M40 ballast does, while DMX function can be customized with extra cost ;
2. OSRAM Bulb and Stand are excluded from this listing, please contact us if in need.
3. 1000Hz high frequency ballast is available as option with extra 360 USD/PC, buyers please contact if in need.
Warranty: One year ( buyers pay shipping fees )

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