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Dmc Gt-201a Film/slide/picture/sound To Video Processor

Product Features

    (as of 05/19/2022 06:18 UTC - Details)

    Product Description

    DMC GT-201A televideo interface device helps transfer movie, slides, and photos, with or without sound, to video when used in conjunction with a video camera and movie or slide projector. It handles still photos or graphics up to 5″x7″ with a manually adjusted frame holder. It containes the neccessary closeup lenses and mirrors to provide left to right correction for projected images on a .2.25″x4.25″ frosted screen. It has RCA jacks for video and stereo audio inputs for 2 video sources, an auxiliary (labeled “music”) stereo audio input, and a stereo microphone input. It has video and stereo audio outputs, and a headphone jack for monitoring. The audio mixer has slider controls for the auxiliary (labeled “music”) input, the microphone, wichever video source it is switched to, and a master control. Other controls include two sliders for video enhancement and color intensitry, a 2 position video source selector, an in/out fader selector, a color/B&W selector, a lamp on/off switch, and a power on/off switch. It comes with a 12VDC 800ma AC adapter.

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