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ALZO Video-Lux T5 55W 3200K Fluorescent Globe U-Tube Light Bulb, Pack of 2, Matches Kino Flo Diva and Osram Light Bulbs

Product Features

  • Reduces green tint, filter minimizes ultraviolet output; 3200K color temperature allows for unfiltered mixing with daylight HID, daylight and Tungsten lights
  • Equal to or better performance than Osram Studioline or Kino Flo True Match tubes; suitable for use in Kino-Flo Diva and Lowel light fixtures as well
  • Produce minimal heat, energy saving and very economical to operate; exceptional bulb life of approximately 7,000 hours
  • Pack of 2; dimensions are 21 inches length, with 2G11 base
  • CRI of 91
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Product Description

55W Video-Lux CFL tube bulb for ALZO Pan-L-Lites with color temperature of 3200K. ALZO Video-Lux light tubes are designed to reduce the green cast typical of fluorescent lighting. This provides a perfectly balanced 3200K light for mixing with Tungsten. The ALZO Video-Lux light tubes provide equal to or better performance than Osram Studioline or Kino Flo True Match tubes. ALZO Video-Lux tubes are usable on the set with traditional Tungsten and HMI lights without the need for gel filtration. Pack of 2. Dimensions: Base: 2G11; Length: 21 inches. Additional Features: Light quality has CRI of 91.

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